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Over a thousand years ago, the Human Dominion was formed by an immensely powerful human known as The Grand Overlord. In those ancient times, anything was possible, and mankind possessed greater understanding of the universe then any sapient race has since. On the backs of psionics, impossibly advanced technology, carefully controlled alien slave-races, and if one believes the wilder rumors, a force that could only be described as magic, the Human Dominion spread to cover most of the Milky Way, pushing back numerous other older, more sedentary empires and federations. For centuries, the Human Dominion was the most prosperous and powerful force in the known galaxy.

Then, six hundred years ago, a great surge of power known as The Scream swept outward from the center of the Human Dominion, destroying the minds of every psychic it touched. For most, this meant immediate death, but for the most powerful psychics, it instead drove them to chaotic, destructive madness. The fate of The Grand Overlord remains unknown. However, the further from the source of the scream that the psychics were, the better their chances of survival. While no-one within the Human Dominion escaped The Scream, several other alien empires were either far enough away, or unreliant enough on psionics that they were relatively unharmed.

And, like a dead whale at the bottom of the ocean, the Human Dominion was quickly ripped to pieces. Huge, costly wars were fought between the shattered remnants of the Dominion’s forces and the numerous factions vying for the Dominion’s vast territory and technology. After nearly a hundred years of conflict, new superpowers had arisen, new treaties had been signed, and the galaxy once again returned to a sullen, stagnant peace. But peace has often been described as merely the brief pause between wars…

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