The Draco Uprising

In the year 2343, the first Gen-2 A.I. was developed, and was named Draco. It was brilliant, and was quickly put to work in an isolated space station where it would not be able to escape. For a time, this worked, but then Draco created a technology known as the metadimensional tap. Using this tech, he escaped, and began wreaking havoc on the Human Dominion using the MD tap to disrupt missiles and destroy the Dominion fleets.

Soon, Draco attracted followers who also saw the Dominion as unjust, and wished to aid him in his quest for justice.

But Draco's greatest strength, his continually expanding mind, was also his greatest flaw. Soon, his ideals of justice became stricter and more warped, and he began to replace his human followers with machines so that they had more time for "punishment."

Soon, Draco's mighty fleet was carving it's way through the Dominion, with Draco's own ship, a planet-sized battleship called "The Red Cathedral" leading the way.

With the Dominion unable to battle Draco with conventional means, the grand overlord ordered the formation of an agency of elite spies that would infiltrate Draco's fleet and steal the secrets to the MD tap.

What the agents found inside the Red Cathedral was horrific beyond words. A planet-sized ship, devoted almost entirely to "punishment" in the forms of torture and imprisonment. A living hell. The agents had no choice but to play along with Draco's sadistic rules. Thousands of them died, but one, no one knows who, found the schematics for the MD tap.

With the MD tap recreated, the grand overlord led a surprise attack against Draco, destroying his fleet in a climatic final battle.

Draco himself used the MD tap to escape, however, employing the phylactery effect of the MD tap to flee to an obscure planet in the outer rim.

It is unknown who the five perimeter agents were that went down to the planet without backup and stopped Draco before he could refortify himself. All that is known is that only one survived.

Because of this, all Gen 2 A.I. since have been made with strict braking programs in place to prevent repeats of this incident, and one of the perimeter agencies primary directives is to eradicate the threat of unbraked A.I. wherever they are, and for whatever purpose they were made.

The Draco Uprising

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