Zar Wo

" Zar! Fuckass! Zaaaar!"


Zar was a baby cyclops at the psychic academy on (planet name hear). Upon infiltrating the school for the mission at hand. (codys avian character) for some strange and unknown reason decided to steal the young cyclops.
Unfortunately (codys avian character) died soon after the act.
Owo and Zip-nar took it upon them selves to raise the cyclops because returning him wasn’t an option anymore.
They named him Zar Wo as a combo of both there names.
He was taught to use his psychic abilities effectively, How to read/spell, To use guns and melee weaponry, to use Computers, and to be a form of diplomat.

As a young child Zar attacked OG Collin and ate his hand witch lead to Owo having to make Collin a new one.
Zar assisted the Orphans in there vent society trying to get them to agree on one leader with his learned diplomacy skills.

Zar Wo

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