"Click, Clack"


“Oh yeah, that guy. He’s a creepy little fella, ain’t he? I’ve been inside his head a couple times and I have to say, didn’t much like what I found in there. Ugh. Just thinking about him sends a shiver down my back. You know what the creepiest thing about him is? He’s real quiet, all except for those fucking teeth. I’ve got no clue why he does it, either. Maybe it’s like an echo-location thing? But wait, he can just see, so that doesn’t make sense. If I could, I’d kick him off the ship. But, apparently he’s been a part of the original group for longer than I have, and I think Zip’Nar would probably mind if he weren’t around… So, I try to just avoid him as much as possible. Unfortunately, there have been numerous times where he and what seems to be the whole rest of the crew are keeping secrets from me. There’s too many things about this ship that I don’t know. Hold on, Vice Admiral Jim made me that list that I still have to read. Matter of fact, why am I doing these stupid things instead of reading that?”

-Crew Member Assessment Log: Admiral Kollin


.T. was accompanied by Brean when he was found. It was assumed that they were both from the same strange homeland.

.T. isnt able to talk but seems to understand, for the majority of his time spent with the group his main job was to be a baby sitter for Zar When both Owo and Zip-nar were busy.

It was later revealed that .T. is some sort of witchdoctor and has gotten us out of some sticky situations in the past with and without these witchdoctor abilities.

When Kollin and Haru didn’t have enough time to care for the children that they had bought from a slave trade he took it upon himself to take care of them in the ships air ducts. Kollin eventually found out that .T. was using the 9 orphans souls as a fuel source for some strange device inside the ship, claiming it to be important that he get it working. He promised that they would live happy and healthy while they can and that the death would be painless.


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