"Of corsse Sspite can fix sship."


400,000 XP for anyone who marrys her (willing marriage)

Spite has been with the party for a very long time.
Spite has probably fucked more people on the ship than everyone combined.
Her introduction to the group was also a strange one. Hired to capture Haru for Floran court she imminently went for sexual relations with him and in the court session was quick to join his side in the debate.
Over as soon as it started Spite broke up with Haru but she stayed with the party.
She’s helped us get out of allot of sticky situations and has earned the trust (as much as you can give a floran) from Owo and a few others who aren’t as easily impressed.

Spite was always a weird creature because she wasn’t really a floran but a mix of floran with Waspite.
the party found out of her origins upon visiting a very forest heavy planet that was apparently the testing grounds of floran mix breeding gone wrong. on this planet was many “Spites” as we called them with there Queen (witch is weird because floran don’t have genders or Queens).

This queen was a flesh shaper with… questionable motives, She needed a ship but didn’t know how to fix the one they had to work with, a majority of the party seemed fine with helping her and everyone even got prizes for it. Owo though didn’t trust her at all so sense he was the only one that actually knew how to fix a ship he did, but he also set it to blow up at the push of a button. His plan worked until it turned out that the Spites could survive being on fire and falling from the mesosphere.

During this whole ordeal Spite refused to leave her ship because she did not want to return to her people but as the seemingly unlimited number of spites surrounded us she came crashing in with her ship giving us just enough time to get on our ship and close the door. we escaped but the queen still survived.

Spite is currently with the floran back in there home sector against her will. They want to hold onto her because she’s suspected of being the chosen one in the floran prophecy as the one who will destroy the universe.


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