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S.A.I., short for Semi Autonomous Intelligence, is the advanced synthetic mind responsible for the overseeing and day-to-day maintenance of the entire Freedom Federation.

S.A.I.’s only oversight is the council, whom S.A.I. has to obey, provided they can achieve a majority vote in favor of one decision.

Currently, S.A.I.‘s operations are mostly just clerical, but thanks to the fact that S.A.I. has been instructed to have no limitations, S.A.I.’s computational power and scope of operations increases with every day.


S.A.I is a very advanced com-pad with an A.I inside. Found by Owo in a very strange location S.A.I quickly latched to his arm.
She was given permission to not limit her mental functionality by Owo whom sees Sai as a person.
S.A.I is the 3rd A.I to join the Party
She has 3 forms: Gun, Knife, and Watch
S.A.I is currently the core of the new form of government in the home system because of her mortality as an A.I and her super intellect.


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