Behemoth Intellectual Autopilot [BIA-4]


Race: A.I.
Class: A.I.
Age: 396
Height: 6’’4
Weapon of Choice: Mono-blades
Favorite Color: Midnight blue
Fun Fact: Will “sleep” from time to time probably from the side effects of the 300 year space drift
Most Notable trait: Very protective of those he considers his friends

Random things he’s acquired that are used as decorations-
Damaged Hat that said “Boobies” but now says “Oobies”
A floran spear
Double decor crossbow
a fist sized hunk of rock/metal that came from his destroyed home
an old folded wanted posted with his own face on it
fax machine body
2 photos: one of him and the A.I from Tetribi Oscar, STEVE, and Taciturn. The other of himself, Zip-nar, Haru, Collin, Zar, Kollin, Brean, Spite, Mary, & T.

Current goals:
Find and save the stolen A.I
Dark mother revenge
Fix Home planet

Finished Major goals:
Aquire A.I rights
Stop the Ether in home sector
Raise child well (Zar the psychic cyclops)
Build party members mechs
Find evidence that space goblins are or aren’t real


[BIA-4] was the forth A.I Built by the I.D.K as a test line of autopilot A.I. [BIA-4] was built to function a smaller ship named the Behemoth as a joke towards the smaller size. During a monthly maintenance check the I.D.K had realized that all there A.I were becoming more self aware than originally intended, over hearing that they were gonna shut all the Ship A.I down [BIA-4] disconnected himself and flew off as quickly as possible barely escaping in the process. (He hasn’t seen the other A.I sense). He had spent the majority of 300 years drifting threw space with only his own thoughts to entertain himself with, not knowing where he was going and mostly drifting with no gas He saw allot of things out in space including (according to him) space Goblins. He eventually crashed onto Tetribi. He was very heavily damaged but not dead due to his backup core. His ship body and backup core were found by a Tetribi scavenger whom sold the core to Oscar another A.I of unknown origin. Oscar along with Taciturn and STEVE built him a new body. He got to know the other A.I on Tetribi and the basic history of the sector.
[BIA-4] got the name Owo because he wasn’t programed to control the complex joins of a face so he has to use a screen face and choses to use text emojis to portray emotions.
Owo was originally sent on a messenger mission in a temporary body but over the corse of interacting with others against the Ether decided to do more than just be a messenger and actively go on a mission to make an army to fight back along with any friends he made along the way.
Owo was the Pilot of the party as well as the engineer.

After the defeat of the Ether Owo rebuilt his original ship and accepted an invite from the hero association. His current location is known by Zar but they promised not to tell anyone they knew.


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