"Hey guys! Check out this cool sword I just found! What are you doing with that gun?"


“I don’t do one of these for myself, do I?”

-Crew Member Assessment Log: Admiral Kollin


Little is known about Kollin’s origins. Not because he’s a very secretive individual, but simply because he himself claims to have forgotten. Wherever he came from, he seems to know his way around a ship, and a host of weaponry, not to mention his psychic abilities. But none of these are in fact the most interesting thing about Kollin. He suddenly joined the then ragtag group of rebels one day after being confused for one of them of the {NFM Station} by a band of mercenaries hunting them out. He was confused for good reason, that reason being him looking identical to the member of the rebel group whose name was also {Colin}. A skirmish ensued, drawing the attention of the Ether forces stationed there. For whatever reason, Kollin wanted to avoid capture by the Ether, and thus escaped with the rebel group and played a major part in the expulsion of the Ether from NFM Station. From there, he joined the group and ended up taking on a major leadership role after his attainment of the {Bruxelles Fortress} He acted as the Admiral for the ship and fleet as it was amassed, over the course of which, four other Collins were discovered. Unfortunately, of the six Collins that had been discovered, only Kollin remains. The rest have been killed, but their spirits had taken residence within the mind of Kollin until recently, and at this point he has not seen or heard from them in several years.


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