"No, like, don't let him see it he hates Cameras"


Race: Infloran
Class: Infused
Age: 28
Height: 5’10
Weapon of Choice: Fire, Bow, Both at the same time
Favorite Color: Fire
Fun Fact: Hates Drugs, mostly his allies using them
Most Notable trait: The large scar across most his face and Left arm.

Things acquired that are used for decoration:
1. Inflorans old bow back when he was Floran (it hangs on a wall snapped in half and burned)
2. Lots of Hero Comics and Manga (from Earth and Hylotl culture) Mostly from MC12th’s collection. can be found on random shelves and on tables easily.
3. And along with the old bow is Mc stabbington the 12th’s lazer rifle. they hang there together to remind Infloran of the 2 people who died that day.
4. the 12th’s room is untouched And locked

Curent goals:
Avenge Mc stabbington the 12th.
Find 3 unique X-floran/Floran to make hero team out of.
Help a Floran conquer fear of fire.


Floran from birth was special compared to normal floran. Floran was one of few born with the potential to become a Green figure, as anyone else with this potential Floran was to be trained in the ways of a green figure but it didn’t take long for the other Green Fingers to realise that this floran was something…. More. Fearing the prophecy to come to fruition with this young floran they sent him off into the wilderness in the hopes that he would be consumed by the savage wild life. Though Floran did not die in that forest instead floran met older more experienced rouge floran known as Mc Stabbington the 12th. Stabbington the 12th saw pity in the outcast floran, or at least a use for floran. Stabbington let floran onto his ship and taught him ways of space technology and mercenary work. Though he was never great with guns he had his bow and learned to work with technology well enough to keep the ship working while they travelled.

While on a mission to assassinate a powerful Apex for a decent amount of credits it turned out to be a trap. After some complex chase scenes and trickery the 2 floran ended up in a small room where a single microwave sat. But this was no normal microwave this was a hyper advanced microwave that was set to explode. Upon the activation of the microwave they would turn their heads to look back at the door that had close behind the floran to see the dim silhouette of some unknown creäture Infloran had never seen before. There head shape was very bumpy and as he walked away he sounded heavy? (It was a Silicoid) But what he was more worried about was the fact that while he was looking at the creäture beyond the door the microwave had been running and Infloran had only turned halfway around to look back at it before it exploded. Stabbington the 12th however had tried to disarm it with no luck not understanding such advanced technology and had taken the full power of the explosion.

The fire, Hot, It hurts, he’s scared. But floran does not care for floran only sees Stabbington the 12th, he sees his mentor, the floran that had gave him a purpose, a home and believed in him when no one else would, He saw his friend Stabbington the 12th dyeing and this thought and the emotions behind it made his own pains go numb, as he reached out to help, Stabbington could not stand. Floran went up, Physically exhausted and lifted Stabbington up, he looked around the room and saw his only obstacle to freedom, the only exit to this room. He looks to the door and thinks of the bumpy silhouette he saw before. And with his thoughts came rage and with the rage the flames around them lashed out and blew the door off its hinges. This was strange but Floran was more focused on Stabbington. After putting out the flames it was obvious that stabbington wasn’t going to survive. But with his last breaths Stabbington after all he’d given floren already, gave Floran his name. Making Floran Mc stabbington the 13th along with what up until now just seemed like an oversized scarf that Stabbington the 12th always wore was actually the Mc stabbington hand-me-down a large red blanket sized piece of fabric with a fancy F printed on it most likely to stand for Floran. Whatever it’s made of its comfortable and had not taken any damage from the fiery explosion.

Floran had made some decisions that day

1. He was going to stop the mercenary work and become a hero like in the weird books Stabbington the 12th owned.

B. he would find the bumpy man and avenge the death of his friend

And third of all. If conquering his fear of fire gave him this power maybe all floran could gain such power, then no floran would die like Stabbington the 12th ever again. (Infloran takes the Stabbington symbol and ties it around his neck like a cape) Floran could become stronger. Floran could become more than floran. Floran could become…. Infloran.


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