Haru Hisayuki

"Hi 'Not into you, Haru' I'm Haru. Hey- WAIT!"


“Why hello there… my name’s Haru Hisayuki… you probably recognize me from my many, many endeavors… for one, I’m a famous movie star- Faras Buellure from Ten Reasons I Hate Florans. is a masterpiece, along with the video game adaptations and the manga. I also was one of the main members of the Fleet of Freedom- I served as the Chief Petty Officer, and was also an emissary and tactician. I’m also a lawyer, adventurer, model, and an aspiring director, journalist, and producer. I was an ambassador for the Hylotl empire, and I’m generally just a force to be reckoned with. If you need people convinced of things, or if you need a damn good legal system, just ask. I’m going to be away for a while- trouble back home, ya know. I’m sure I’ll solve it handidly!” -Haru Hisayuki, before leaving to the Bound Sector

“Hey… Haru here. Recording this on the way back from the Bound Sector… the Queen of Florans attacked. Many have died… I’ve found Kollin, and the remnants of the Hylotl, and a representative from the good Florans named Infloran… listen- the Queen’s Florans are very dangerous, and should not in any way be approached. If anyone gets this message, please, head to sector 54 and the Fleet of Freedom. It’s the only way to be safe. I repeat, the Queen and her Florans are hostile- do not approach them in any way! Haru His-… er, Emperor Haru Hisayuki out.” -Emperor Haru Hisayuki, broadcasted en route to Sector 54.


Haru Hisayuki grew up on one of the the Hylotyl homeworlds, a child of a prominent noble family. Haru showed great intelligence at a young age… although he wasn’t the most observant. Haru envisioned himself a star, leading the Hylotyl people. He went to law school, planning on graduating and joining up in politics- Haru successfully graduated, but was unable to get hired due to his… unorthodox methods in the court room. “What? It’s totally reasonable to hum the Law and Order theme song when entering the courtroom! And there’s no rule saying that I couldn’t try and bribe jury members with sex!_” Haru took his personality and passion to a different kind of work- acting. After working in several failed films, and a small stint as a host for one of the least popular TV shows of all time, “Hylotfu” (reportedly based off of a game based off of an anime), he landed his big role as Faras Buellure, the comedic relief in the film Ten Reasons I Hate Florans. The film gained enough recognition that it brought Haru back into the light. Due to the film’s fanatic fanbase, there was pressure for the government to allow Haru back in the courtroom. The government, not wanting Haru to ever be allowed to make an actual decision, but not wanting to anger the fans, decided to solve both problems in one swift maneuver- hire Haru as an official diplomat. So, Haru set off through space as the official Hylotyl ambassador to the planet of Syndicate. Haru worked there, spreading his connections and doing acting jobs here and there, including meeting the Reptoid Mary. Haru was eventually contacted by a group fighting against the Ether, looking for allies in their venture. Haru, who never really liked the Ether’s restrictions on creative work (and their complete lack of culture), thought it was a good idea, and wanting to play the part of the daring revolutionary, joined up. Haru went around, helping solve disputes here and there. Haru has become an ardent supporter of the cause, after seeing what the Ether have done. He has “befriended” many across the sector. Due to his surprisingly tactical mind, he helped plan and direct some battle plans against the Ether under Admiral Kollin. Once the Ether were ousted from the sector, he was a key player in the creation of a new government, setting up a system which would theoretically be free from outside influences. He then left for his home, hearing of a great threat to his homeworld. Upon arriving, he found his planet devastated, his people killed by the Floran Queen, a past adversary who the FoF had stopped. Haru gathered the remaining Hylotyl- learning that, as the last official noble in the government, he had inherited the title of Emperor. Haru then found Kollin (no longer an admiral) and a strange Floran named Infloran, and is heading back towards his friends, intent on gathering help to stop this menace. Has Haru finally met his match? Will he be able to save his people? Will he finally grow up and stop being ridiculous? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure- he won’t go down without a… fierce debate.

Haru Hisayuki

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