9 Crippled Cyborg Orphan Wizards

"I buy all the Crippled Orphan slaves"


9 Orphans outfitted with cybernetic enhancements. Learned to be wizards after supposedly surviving some rituals crafted by T.
Originated on planet Voytov.


These 9 orphans were all physically damaged slaves of a young age being sold for a relatively cheap price. For some odd reason 2 of them were bought by Haru and the others by admiral Kollin. Unfortunately this was a very inconvenient time to raise so many children so they didn’t get to much attention from there adopters. Eventually the (strange) Scientist built all the children robotic replacement parts and planned on using them for Cyborg fights but they escaped into the large air vents of the ship and made there own civilization (along with .T., Jimmy, and Spite). Though .T. seemed to just be taking care of them at first it turned out he was slowly draining there life forces to power a strange device deep within the Ships ducts. It was for the greater good, I hope. At least he said they’d die peacefully.

9 Crippled Cyborg Orphan Wizards

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