Admiral 6

"Don't call me Collin"


“Yet another hostile Collin. Unlike most of the other ones, this one seemed to have a fair amount of impulse control. He was able to bargain and listened to what his subordinates had to say. I often wonder what it would be like if…
Anyways, he was on the side of the Ether, he fought us, he lost.
That’s the end of it.”
-Vice Admiral Jim
Post-Conflict Threat Assessment Report, Bruxelles Archives


Upon the original Ether leader killing themselves over the great dangers to come Admiral 6 (KOLLIN) took command.

Admiral 6 seemed to consist of the more serious side of the Collins so much so that they refused to share a name with such strange others.

Admiral 6 was killed by rebel Kollin with some help from Zip-Nar

Admiral 6

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