Comms Guy

*Spins around in chair* "Sir, you're gonna want to take a look at this."


“Comms guy is one of the more incompetent crew members aboard the {Bruxelles Fortress}. Despite the commanding officers’ consistent need for a well functioning head of communications for their fleet, Comms Guy is constantly the bearer of bad news, and that bad news is often directly linked to his incompetence. To his credit, he is good at following orders, but he’s been known to be really bitchy about it. Perhaps we’d all bother to learn his actual name if he ever did something memorable… Wait. No, we wouldn’t. "

-Crew Member Assessment Log: Admiral Kollin


Comms guy was one of the many tiefling people who joined our crew upon our leaving of Blecurry. He does his job well enough and helps keep us organized. He’s called Comms guy because thats what Kollin intially called him and no one else save Content Not Found: null bothered to learn his real name. Similarly to how he dubbed Jim.
This lead to 705’s theory that all who work close to the leaders have fake names for safety reasons, when in reality it’s simply because Kollin is spontaneous and apathetic about the names of crew members.

Comms Guy

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