"*His force ghost flips you off*"


COLLIN the first evil Collin to last more than 1 combat against us.

COLLIN like all the Collin have an unknown origin. But this Collin ended up working for (insert name of group hear). who’s main goal was to quite literally destroy the universe.

Accompanied by Fracture one of the Wasp-Florans (Or Spites for short).

Admittedly without Fracture COLLIN wouldn’t have been nearly as much as an issue.

COLLIN and Fracture along with (Codys characters name) were the ones to kill OG Collin though the party is unaware of (Codys characters name)’s involvement.

Upon COLLIN’s death rebel Kollin took on his life temporarily to assist the group in getting into (insert groups name)‘s base. Gathering information, new technology, and a new ally of sorts (insert engineers woman’s name).

COLLIN surprisingly was killed by Haru which was his first impressive kill sense joining the crew.


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