" Onde diaƱos son eu! "


“This damn thing working?
I’m supposed to talk about m’self here so… here’s what I got to say:
My name’s Brean, I was born on the beautiful green isle of Ireland, and I was taught the classical ways of bendin’ steel, with ‘ammer an’ anvil. That’s about all I have to say on the subject o’ me.”
-Brean, Crew Member Personal Logs, Bruxelles Archives


Brean was accompanied by .T. when we met her and it is assumed that there both from the same strange land.

She docent speak any known language in the sector but upon going to a pawn shop found an old human translator that actually worked. Owo made a more advanced version of it so she could wear it like a choker.

Zip’nar hired her as his 2nd body guard (first one died). after spending so much time together they bonded quickly.

Shes probably still with Zip’nar now


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