"You guys really work for a magazine? Wow!"


“Not the brightest on board, but I like him… Or is it a her?.. It?.. I like ‘em, whatever it is. Although, I think some of the crew assume I like them a little too much, for whatever reason.
I heard they started a little magazine for the Fleet. I feel a little bad about lying to them, but not bad enough to change anything or apologize. So, it is what it is.
They seem happy with where they’re at. We pay ‘em well enough… Wait… Do we pay any of these people? I’ve never gotten paid? I gotta look into that.
Now that I think about it though, if people start realizing that they aren’t getting paid, that’s likely going to be an issue I have to deal with. Eh, I can probably just pawn the job off onto Mary, she’s good with that kinda stuff.”

-Crew Member Assessment Log: Admiral Kollin


705437 was an lowly, unassuming worker class human on Voytov, they worked in a warehouse that the group was investigating. Kollin took it upon himself to covertly get information out of 705437 by claiming to be working for a magazine company.
They fell for it and Kollin got the info he wanted, but he neglected to tell 705437 the truth and just continued the lie until after they had left the planet, with 705437 still on the ship.

Whether they still haven’t figured it out or just don’t really care is up for debate, but regardless, 705437 started their own magazine/TV program on the Bruxelles.

705437 speculates that everyone among the higher-ups uses code names/aliases to hide their various, dark pasts. Mostly because one of the only people he’s managed to secure an interview from, Comms Guy has one.

As with many of the humans living on Voytov, 705437’s gender is hard to identify due to the androgynous way they dress and the sound of their voice, also no one’s bothered to ask. They have a bowl hair cut, and shortly after starting the magazine adopted wearing a flashy pair of star-shaped glasses.

Its safe to assume that 705437 is still producing the magazine under the Party’s name, although whether they are still doing it independently is unknown.


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