Stars Without Number

War in the sector approaches!
Armies mobilize! Factories activate!

The Bound Sector prepares for a great conflict!

All races and factions have begun manufacturing more advanced weapons and equipment, and gathering ancient pretech to their sides!

Alpha Centurai, January 11 3206-

With growing tensions between the Nufloran and the Apex, it's only understandable that weapons manufacturers throughout the sector would begin to crank up production, with big names, like the IDK and its subsidiaries, competing with smaller, more localized companies, like Alpha Centurai's own Fireware Energy Weapons, for various market shares sector-wide.

But new manufacturing isn't the only source of advanced weapons, as many smaller mercenary groups, and even some of the larger federations are discovering. More and more, various military and paramilitary groups are turning to pretech ruins, particularly the tomb worlds beyond perimeter agency territory, to find rare and advanced combat gear.

Will this combat gear ever be put to use? Or will a cold war settle over the sector? This reporter only knows one thing for sure- anyone looking to get their hands on some heavy firepower just got a lot more options, and a lot more sources. 

SAI Points of Interest

SAI is acting as the leader of the Freedom Federation, and by extent Sector-54. We sought the help of the FF and thusly went to talk with her, but she denied us any access to the troops. Her excuse was that her calculations predicted tht we could succeed without them. 

We also received information from Admiral Jim that SAI has been transporting large numbers of materials and ships to Syndicate, without any of the ships returning from Syndicate. 

When discussing the current state of the teleporter pad constructed by the Science Division of the Bruxelles Fortress, it was revealed that the schematics for the teleporter pad had been given to SAI. She has been advancing and improving on the design, with an emphasis on making it larger. 

It could be reasonably assumed that she is developing or has developed a "Boundless Conduit" for a yet unknown purpose. The group should keep a watchful eye on this, to be sure that no nefarious plots are afoot, and any that are, can be stopped… before it becomes too late.

It begins.
First AL Post.

The first steps have been taken. Further updates will come.


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